PokeMap is the map editor for the first generation games.

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  • Jonah Noland

    “Run-time error ’52’: Bad file name or number”

  • jjkb11

    Does this work with Pokémon Yellow?

    • Jayden Golden Hill

      Probablemente no funciona con la versión pokemon amarillo.

    • Mahmoud ahmad

      if the person comments with english, answer with english

    • Wade Lincourt

      No, Try PikaMap, instead.

  • Cedric Lamar Izquierdo

    I seem to be running into a problem…. I downloaded Pokémon Red Version, Opened the folder – then I ran as a admin… next thing, I open a ROM with the PokeMap…. next thing… ‘Can not find path’

  • RubyTyphlosion

    What do I open it with?
    I’m new at this.

    • Cedric Lamar Izquierdo

      7zip, WinRAR or whatever you decide on similar to these softwares.


    • Mahmoud ahmad

      there is a built-in windows .zip extractor, but for .rar cases use 7zip or Winrar <- these are my recommendations, you don't have to use them.. (unless these were the only programs with the capability to open .rar files(they can also read other files, like .ISO files(atleast winrar can!)

  • Keanh Ton

    it says COMDLG32.OCX is missing but it is right there in the folder. what do i do?

    • DeadylVanitas

      Try to run as a admin

    • Ratul Hasan

      Plz Run as adminstration

    • Mahmoud ahmad

      if you go tired of right-clicking and opening as admin, somewhere in the properties tab, you’ll be able to find a checkbox that says “run as administrator” and by checking that, the program will ALWAYS run as administrator

      • Jonah Noland

        “Runtime error 76: Path not found”:

  • colleen prinssen

    what differs this and pika map?

  • Daniel Jens Bauer

    Uhm, stupid question, but how do I open this file? I clicked on “Download now” right below the screen of Pallet Town, and now I’ve got a file with the name “HackRomTools – PokeMap.7z” and I dno’t know what I’m supposed to do now.

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Check the FAQ 🙂

      • Daniel

        Where is the faq?

        • Private Pengu

          In the top right corner, next to “Hack Tools NDS” (The right side).

  • SeanJohn369

    These are asking for a password to unzip what is it.

    • Matteo Iervasi

      I’ll write a reminder (I’m sorry I’m studying hard at university..)
      Anyway the password is “HackRomTools” without quotes 😉

    • Mahmoud ahmad

      I typed in “HackRomTools” without quotes 😉 but it said that the password is wrong plez hlep

      • Jonah Noland

        It’s case sensitive, so “hackromtools” will be wrong, but “HackRomTools” will be right