NarcExplorer 2 is a remake of the old NarcExplorer, which I personally never been able to use since it keeps crashing.

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  • JackHack96
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  • Ed

    how to use it?

  • I always loved A-Trainer is there anyway it can be created for the DS? (The best feature was editing Trainer Classes.) We could also use a Mart Editor similar to A-Mart.

    • Matteo Iervasi

      So.. A sort of “A-Trainer” can be found inside SDSME, although I’m not sure if it can edit classes.
      As for A-Mart, I still haven’t found where solded item datas are… (starting from 4th gen, items are sold everywhere, based on the number of medals you gained)

  • Pieplup

    What is the Password. 🙁

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Please check the FAQ!

    • Cedric Lamar Izquierdo