MEH (Map Editor of Happiness) is a brand new map editor for 3rd generation pokémon games.

I haven’t found a good tutorial about MEH on the web, so I created mine.

Open MEH and go to File->Open for selecting the ROM (or just click the Open button). Maps will be loaded and listed in the left side panel, under a series of directories numbered from 0 to 32 (I’ve loaded Pokémon Ruby). These directories are map banks. Below you’ll find the list of the maps, for now double click the 0 directory, which contains cities and routes.

As you can see from the picture, each map has two numbers: the first is the map bank and the second is the map index, which identify every single map in a bank. For editing the map you simply have to select the tile from the right side panel named Tiles and then draw it on the map. Let’s remove the nord lake in Petalburg City.

You can see the actual selected tile because it’s in the red box. Now we have to edit movements. For doing this simply click the Movement tab after Tiles.

As you can see the map changes, and you can see the movements. It’s more intuitive than Advance Map, for example the blue waves stands for “Surfable”, the 2 stands for “Normal”. The edit method is the same as for the area.

Now let’s talk about events. Like in Advance Map, you have an Events tab where you can display all the events in a map.

For now, MEH can edit triggers (the green S), signs (the orange S) and warps (the purple W). For editing one of these click on them and change data.

It’s very recommended to associate MEH with a script editor (I suggest XSE).

If you go on the Wild Pokemon tab, you can change wild pokemon encounter data. Choose the environment from the combo box and change pokémon stats from the form. If you are hacking on Pokémon Fire Red you’ll be able to use time based events! Though it’s still a bit buggy, this will be a great and unique feature!

The Mime tab is actually non-sense (excuse me Shiny Quagsire, but I still didn’t understand it).

The Connections tab is interesting and very easy to use.

Open it, then you can add/change the connection simply by clicking the Add button, where a submenu will appear asking you for the direction.
A window popup ask you for the map bank you want to link, I chose Slateport City. Click the Add Connection button and close the window.

You can see the modified link in the main program 🙂 .
Remember to save changes with the appropriate button.

That’s all for now, but expect updates when the next release of MEH will appear on PokeCommunity 😉

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  • Hestia

    What is the difference between this and Advance Map Editor?

  • DreamieChan

    what the hell is the password . i use winrar and it tells me i have to enter the password to read the readme.txt

  • Adam Hinkel

    I’m a complete noob at this.
    Where am i supposed to get the password?
    When I download this it comes with no readme.txt.
    Much confused.

    • Hestia

      Most Tools have the password:


  • Nyanko_chama

    I literally cannot get anything on this site to open, it says there is an error saying its either damaged or make sure I know the password…..IT HASNT ASKED ME FOR ANY BLOOMING PASSWORD!!! I know the password but I cant get to where I can input it HELP :'(

    • Lawrence Searle

      use winrar my friend,

      ~A guy who made a creepy rom hack

      • Nyanko_chama

        Thank you I will try that 🙂 I was using 7rar

      • Nyanko_chama

        It worked <3 thank you love!

        • Hestia

          How the F__k can this comment have 40 upvotes? While other post never reach more than 3.

  • Streamer Zerf

    for those who does not know how to run the MEH… unzip the file and extract it to desktop or wherever you like using whatever you like… after that… click
    MEH-0.4.0-SNAPSHOT that will let you open it.

    • Streamer Zerf

      should be along with readme.txt and with MEH file configuration

    • Emilianeo Jerez

      BUT HEY when i do dat (that) it says that i need 2 put a pass
      help PLS

    • NerdyMaddie

      I did that, unzipped everything that was in a zip file with WinRAR and can’t find anything. There is no .exe file, and yes I did look in the Snapshot folder like you mentioned.

  • Ampharos 2.0

    I can’t find an .exe file or anything…
    how do i launch this thing?

  • Singularity Infinity

    I understand that it is a very noob issue, but I’m creating a hack without any prior scripting knowledge at all, and though i have picked up the concepts utilized in map and pokemon editing; i cannot figure out with google how to, or what program i am supposed to use to run MEH. The most useful thing I’ve gleaned is that it requires running javascripts from an offhanded comment on pokecommunity; but even that i cant get a straight answer from google on how to do. Please tell me, how do i run this program?!

    • Ampharos 2.0

      I use
      It has about 14 editing tools in itm and it has helped me immensely.
      It also saved me the trouble of getting several separate programs

      • Robson Alecsander

        Mediafire reports that content to download has been blocked because it is considered to be dangerous. You could put the file to download again please.

        * I apologize for any mistakes I have made regarding English since I had a little help from google translator since my English sucks kkkkk

  • Sword OfWar

    What is the difference between this and advance map? 🙂

  • colleen prinssen

    is this the best?