Here is the list of the available tools for editing fourth and fifth generation Pokémon games.
Note that I’ve deleted some old tools which now have been substituted!

If you have a tool you would like to see published, or if you want to send error report, or simply comment below 😉

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N.B.: When you’ll download a tool, you’ll be asked for a password (for security reasons). That’s “HackRomTools” without quotes.

Map Editing


Text Editing

DS Text Editor

Attack Editing

DPP Attack Editor

Item and Market Editing


Trainer Editing

Elite4 Editor

Sebbe’s Trainer Editor

Pokémon Editing

DPP Starter

DS Pokémon Editor

Honey Tree Pokémon Editor



Sprite and Icon Editing

Overworld Editor DS

BTX Editor

PokePic DS


Spiky’s DS Map Editor

DPP Intro Editor

DS Trade Editor

Crystal Tile 2

NitroExplorer 3

NarcExplorer 2



  • Mashiro Neko

    HEY! can i use this for hacking Harvest moon DS game?

  • Paolo Silva De Deus

    but these programs are just for “Diamond & Pearl” ?? Do not exist for Heart Gold & SoulSilver ??

  • HYPER!

    is there a script editor? i am trying to edit the code for a pokemon distribution cartridge rom, so i don’t need to reset the DS time b4 distributing. (it is for my emulator, drastic.) the time on the emulator is synced to atomic time, so i can’t set it back.

  • EljOt

    When I try to use SDSME, it just says unhandled exception and says missing files etc etc

  • Patrick Bouchard

    I posted this in the DS Pokémon Editor specific section as well, but posting here as well in case it gets more traffic. Apologies for doubles if that bothers.
    Not sure if this is still alive, but DS Pokémon Editor is automatically selecting all HMs for Pokémon, meaning to make any changes I have to allow all Pokémon to learn all HMs. This is naturally unacceptable. Is there any workaround for this? Also it is messing up the egg groups of Pokémon, placing some in the wrong ones. I am using this with HG/SS if that helps. Windows 10 64 bit.

    • Vizier

      Try using other editor like PPRE. There’s also PPRE2 but both tools are unfinished. Usable for the most part, at least.

  • Frogadier

    There’s any starters modifier tool for HG/SS ?

  • Se.T.W.

    There’s a typo in one section – it says Miscellenous instead of Miscellaneous.

  • Mark Foster

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  • Se.T.W.

    I’m not sure if these tools can run under OS/2 using Tinke.
    [Moderator’s note: None of the tools are ported on the OS/2 platform.]

  • takeogr

    How can i make to use TM infinite times like HM?

  • takeogr

    No tool for editing common trainers?

    • Sai Prakash Bvc

      Sebbe’s trainer editoe serves that purpose specifically.Cheers!

      • takeogr

        Don’t work on platinum, or hgss 🙁

  • Fabo Ebw

    password ?

  • MaDT3825

    I wanted to open up a previously hacked version of HeartGold to view Pokemon locations and items obtainable via Rock Smash. Would any of these programs be able to help me out with this? Thanks!

  • AppleArcade120

    What does Crystal Tile 2 do?

    • Se.T.W.

      This tool can be used to edit GBA or NDS games.

  • SonicFutbol DBZMinecraft

    I have a problem with DS Pokemon Editor, The x86 opens but when I click a Pokemon or a Evolution the program closes, and the x86_64 Doesn´t open, I have Windows 7 Home Professional 64 bits

  • TazPlayz Pokemon

    with the trainer editor im having trouble (u can see what and which one in the vid ) i get this Cannot execute “C:UsersGinaAppDataLocalTempRar$EXb0.192HackRomTools – TrainerEditorSebbeSebbe’s Tranier Editor.exe”

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Try extracting the program, then executing it.
      If it gives you another error, make sure you have installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Runtime (google it)

    • Mysterious Missingno

      What you need to do is just install 7-Zip, and then right click on the file, go down to where it says 7-Zip (hover over it for a bit), and then press “extract here” and when it asks for the password, copy it from the download page, and paste it into the box

  • shader301202

    Hey. Can You make more Black (2) and White (2) tools?

  • César Reyes

    Is there a way to change the attacks’ animations?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Nope as far as I know 🙁

  • LeParrain Amine

    Someone have a good tutorial for spiky’s ?? i don’t have a good english so … ^^

    • Matteo Iervasi

      YouTube has some tutorials 🙂

  • Kos Petoussis

    Anyone any useful tools for translating/hacking ni no kuni ds?

  • Nuno Fernandes

    I would like to change a type advantage/disadvantage, what tool can i use?

  • Nipalapipalasal
    • Mysterious Missingno

      I have no idea, I’ve never seen it before

  • Nelson_Denure

    Im having trouble re-0inserting the narcs?

  • Cedric Lamar Izquierdo

    i need a tools that is helpful for HS/SS trainer editor

  • PrimeMordialGaming

    Will you put the Project Pokemon Trainer editor on here?

  • Meiluo

    This can be used for making edits in other roms that are not Pokemon? I want to translate a game from japanese to english

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Some tools are universal, like Nitro Explorer, Tinke and Crystal Tile. The other tools are pokémon-specific and they won’t work with other games

      • Meiluo

        It can be used for editing texts? That’s the only thing that I need to change… Thanks for answering :3

        • Matteo Iervasi

          No. Every game has it’s own way of handling texts. DS Text Editor is pokémon-specific, it won’t work with other games.
          You could look at Tinke, but if the game’s texts are “encrypted” (sort of) like the Pokémon’s one, you have to create your own tool for editing them, and it’s not easy 🙁

  • Luke Walter Alexander

    Or edit item ball contents/items people give you as gifts?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Same reply. I think it’s a script

  • Luke Walter Alexander

    Any way to edit gift Pokémon? Like Bebe’s Eevee in Platinum, or maybe the Eggs Cynthia and Riley hand out?
    I want to at least edit Eevee’s level, and if at all possible, its moveset when given out (same with the Eggs, to possibly get some Egg Moves and the like).

    • Matteo Iervasi

      For editing the moveset of a pokémon, use DS Pokémon Editor.
      As for editing the gift, I think there is a script to edit, with SDSME…
      But I don’t know where it could be 🙁

  • Why are the Archives all Password Protected? Whats the Password(s)?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Check the FAQ 🙂

      • I figured it out; I’m Messing around with Pokemon Diamond in my spare time.^^

  • userkiller34

    Hey, can you make a download pack so we could download em’ all in one link?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Not now, for bandwidth reasons. When I’ll get a higher bandwidth, I’ll make it 😉
      If you want to help, please share this website (and disable adblock for it), this will surely contribute to it. Thanks 😉

      • Luke Walter Alexander

        HGSS editors?
        These are all for DPP, which is not HGSS.

        • Luke Walter Alexander

          Particularly, Attack editor and Pokemon stat editor. I cannot find working versions anywhere anymore.

          • Matteo Iervasi

            My tools are compatible with HG/SS 🙂
            DPP Attack Editor (though the name) is compatible with Hg/SS. For the starters, it’s more complicatded. If you want, you could try DS PokeHack studio, which gas built-in support for editing attacks and starters, but it’s still in alpha state (so it’s unstable). Check my thread at PokeCommunity 😉

          • Luke Walter Alexander

            Yeah, well…I don’t really like PokeCommunity; you need to be a member to do ANYTHING there (search, download). There’s also no link to DS PH Studio here, and I cannot find anything related to it on Google (not even on PokeCommunity, oddly enough; the only thing even somewhat related (“Pokehack”) brought up a list of actual ROM hacks, not programs used to create ’em).
            Talk about a quandary.

          • Matteo Iervasi

            Ok here is the link to the last alpha of DS PokeHack Studio:
            Be aware that it’s a bit unstable and might cause you a lot of problems (for now..)
            I’m busy at the university so I can’t develop it now..

          • Luke Walter Alexander

            Thank you for the download, but it doesn’t seem to open…
            I did manage to open other .jar executables (Universal Pokemon Randomiser and gibbed’s Mass Effect 2 editor, to be precise), but not DS PH Studio. Hm.
            Thanks anyway, Matteo.

          • Matteo Iervasi

            The reason might be the wrong java version. DS PokeHack Studio supports only 64bit PCs (for now). Even if you have a 64bit computer, you could have a 32bit JVM… Check your JVM 🙂

          • So, almost all of your tools will work with Heart Gold?

          • Matteo Iervasi

            Not everyone, but many of them 😉

      • javier_ramos

        could u add the emulator to the web site i have a emulator for the game but the mod wont for work for it

        • Matteo Iervasi

          Yes I could add a section if you want 🙂
          In the meantime, I suggest you to use DeSmuME, because No$GBA sometimes has problems with mods…

          • javier_ramos

            k thanks