Here is the list of the available tools for editing third generation Pokémon games.

If you have a tool you would like to see published, or if you want to send error report, or simply comment below 😉

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N.B.: When you’ll download a tool, you’ll be asked for a password (for security reasons). That’s “HackRomTools” without quotes.

Map Editing

Text Editing

Attack Editing

Item and Market Editing

Trainer Editing

Pokémon Editing

Sprite and Icon Editing

Script Editing


  • Rishav

    I just downloaded Advance trainer, text, mart, series, attack and item editor but non of them works. Whenever i start the application a message saying “pokemon advance trainer is not a valid win32 application”. I have a pc running on windows 7 and its 32bit. Please help!!!

    • Sessiz Oğuzhan

      the app is for 64bit

  • Priti Trivedi

    password is wrong

  • Ujjwal Baranwal

    You guys
    My advanced pokemon sprite editor and tape doesn’t work
    What’s I do
    Plz 🙂 help me

    • use NSE for pokemon and trainer in battle sprites , and overworld changer for overworld sprites. if you mean tile editing for making map sprites different, then look it up on youtube, and im warning you, its complex

  • Ujjwal Baranwal

    Hii everyone,
    I want to know to add a own new create event and a wrap
    Please help me 😉

  • Crisis Spades

    There aren’t any mac downloads?

    • yeah, mac os is much less accepted by the rom hacking community as a whole. sorry.

  • Edson Bruno

    It works only in pokemon’s games?

  • KrishnaPrasad Bhandary

    Do I need to download all the tools ?

    • no, you use just the tools you feel work best and you need, but you can download them all.

      • KrishnaPrasad Bhandary

        Thanks a lot!

  • HydroLuxray

    do you need to download all of the softwares

    • no, you use just the tools you feel work best and you need, but you can download them all..

  • Lucas Gaylord

    Hello there. Can anyone link me to Trader Advance or any tool that lets you edit in-game trades? Thank you

  • Dark Rajin

    Ok what about the start screen

  • X-Up Gaming

    I just started doing this ROM tinkering so excuse my nub questions 😛 In a Pokemon Emerald ROM I’m working on, I can’t seem to add encounters to new areas that didn’t have them before (ie. towns and buildings). Is there a command that I am missing or am I just stupid 😛

    • editedreality

      skype me: [email protected] i will help

      • editedreality

        sorry i mean [email protected]
        or kik me wolfloverz0998

      • X-Up Gaming

        Figured it out. Thanks for the offer though!


    Advanced Trainer Keeps Saying Its Not Located In The Location And I Put The Whole Folder In Plz Halp

  • Chef

    Here is the complete tutorial on how to open these types of files if they are complicated to open
    *Windows only*

    Download the file
    Click “show in folder” on the drop down menu of the item
    Right click on the file you see in the folder and select “open with”
    Now, select winzip. (if you do not have winzip, click search for an app in the app store and find it)
    Afterwards you are in winzip and you want to double click on the file
    Then, with the file open, you want to click in the top menu “extract files”
    Extract the files to a folder of your choice.
    Now, the folder should be accesible.
    if you go into the folder, the program should be inside. Click on it
    If it opens, good job!
    if it does not open, and it has an error message, there is a code with “whatever.ocx”
    now, you want to go to the start menu and search for CMD
    right click cmd when it shows up and click “open as administrator”
    Now this is where it gets complicated. You can brag to your friends about this later.
    Keep this window open and search the code with the .ocx ending in your internet browser.
    Click on the link with the url “ocx dump” or something like that
    Download the ocx file with the name of your error message
    move the file to the folder located in your (C:) drive. Its located near the bottom of the side menu of your folders. Then move it to windows, then move it to system32.
    After you have done that, your done with that file. go back to the CMD screen.
    Type in the following:
    REGSVR32 C:WindowsSystem32[error code without the ocx].ocx
    Make sure not to include the brakets above.
    If it says “DllRegisterServer in C:WINDOWSSystem32″whatever”.ocx succeeded”, you should now be able to open the file.


    • Chef

      Also the password for the files in winzip is HackRomTools (caps sensitive)

  • The Amazing Question

    How do you even open it in Windows 10? it asks me what file id like to open it with and i have no clue what or how

  • Joseph Johnson

    Lots of trouble with YAPE. Wasted about an hour of time adding in stuff for Sinnoh Pokemon, then it stopped responding while it was saving, then eventually just closed. Now, it won’t load anymore ROM files, and when I opened up the ROM in VBA, nothing was saved. I’ve tried resinstalling it 3 times, but it’s still the same thing happening. Any solutions?

  • Marcus skuse

    Why won’t you guys put a link to one that I have enough space for!?

  • Natsu Dragneel

    what are the password for advance map, YAPE, advance text, NLZ-GBA, aTack, advance starter, Item editor, advance mart, IconED ?

  • Waffles R. Goode

    When I download it doesn’t ask me for the password, and all it gives me is a .7z file that I need to open with something else. How do I fix this?

    • harsh

      You need to have a .7z unzipper, can use winzip or others that would unzip. I used a 7-zip. Can be found on google. After instaliing 7-zip extract your file using it and then it will ask for password.

      • Johhny L.

        use 7-zip

    • You could WinRar to open the file then enter “HackRomTools” w/o the quotes in the dialogue box.

  • Pawan Kumar

    just 1 question.
    where do i need to click to download it??

  • What happened to PET???

  • Jake Fernandes

    So, Im having an issue with XSE. I try to click open script but it says script editor is not found.

  • Mason

    Sorry, I know that this is a stupid question, but this is my first rom hack, so I was wondering how to create the rom? Or do I load an existing rom of, say, Sapphire?


    What can i use to edit the pokedex??

  • SkylerBlu9

    Hi, sorry if some of these questions are obvious, but I’m new at making ROM hacks so please hear me out.I want to know what the best program(s) are for each category, and I also want to know what the misc. tools do.


  • Lildjboy Aks

    If I want to like example; Have the birch and poochyena event, where u get the starters; I want that to happen in another place (Mauville example); Which tool do I need?

  • Lucifer

    Couple of quick answers before you don’t check the FAQ and ask anyways.
    OCX File error fixed thusly

    Open command prompt as admin then type Regsvr32 followed by a space and the path of your comdlg32.ocx. It should something like this when you type it “Regsvr32 “C:UsersmeDesktopaTackCOMDLG32.OCX”
    (Pro tip, copy the file path with [shift]+[right click])

    Password is HackRomTools

    Any other questions? FAQ.

  • Spiral

    What’s the password to open it in 7 zip?

    • smiffy

      your so dumb, its HackRomTools

      • smiffy

        just saying, but its all over this website and its at the top of the page.

  • Sword OfWar

    I’m new to rom hacking/ editing, so sorry for a stupid question :), but are the rom tools individual programs or are they together. I’m not quite sure. Thanks 😉

    • smiffy

      all of them come in a 7 zip and they are individual.

  • Hero of Greatness

    Which tool should i use to edit the professor sprite?

    • smiffy


  • Anthony Szymkowiak

    Hello, I am having trouble with YAPE. One, I can’t read the godd*mn thing, and two, Pokemon Firered won”t open. Help?

    • smiffy

      I’m not quite sure, but FireRed works for me,

    • CyborgPenguin


  • Logan Loading In

    None of the files will open, I can’t use them without Winzip…

    • Matteo Iervasi

      WinZip can’t handle this file. Try 7zip (check the FAQ)

    • smiffy

      Also, try WinRAR, thats what i use

  • Koi

    So it’s known that Advanced Text has a lot of problems with Pokemon Emerald and that it just dosn’t want to upload the text. After doing some looking I found that the issue is literally the most simple thing I’ve ever seen. When we look at the information used Advanced Text uses the BPEE file. Upon opening this up it’s clear that this file is a bunch of rubbish. However, there’s a total of 6 files to choose from, another asside from BPEE being BPRE if you open that up you can see that there is in fact ALL THE TEXT FILES USED IN THE GAME. I’ve yet to use these, but literally all you have to do is switch the BPEE to BPRE while using Text Edit, then switch it back, as it may effect other rom editors.
    UPdate me if you have any issues, other wise, guess we still have to do manual text uploading.

    • Koi

      So I started using the BPRE as BPEE and it’s… Kanto Region? Which is weird because it’s the Emerald Rom… This makes no sense. How does one select text manually?

      • Koi

        Lel Dosn’t work. At least I tried.. </3

        • Matteo Iervasi

          I always had troubles with Advance Text. I used XSE when possible. And when I had to use Advance Text I manually search for the text.

  • Edwin Nk Lun

    Hi, I got a question, I watched some of the videos and the graphic look slightly better.
    For Example,

    As we can see the word and image is softer. Please I really need to know how to make it.

    • Shylesh MR

      Edwin Nk Lun, there is a setting in the emulator no$gba which makes the text and images really bettter. i think this is the reason for these becoming so good.

  • Zack-san

    I’m having an issue with the PokéTronic. I have the COMDLG32.OCX downloaded, but one of the files is still missing. This error: “Component ‘COMDLG32.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid” I need some advice.

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Check the FAQ

    • Tactus

      Change Compatibility to Windows XP.

    • Soham Patil

      the same same thing happens with me with advance mart and others

    • jamnat113

      copy COMDLG32.OCX to C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32, next search cmd in the taskbar and right click, run as administrator
      type in “regsvr32 C:windowssystem32COMDLG32.OCX” without the quotes

      • jamnat113

        if that doesn’t work, try changing “regsvr32” to “regsvr32 -s “

  • Frost leaf


    • Matteo Iervasi

      Hi 🙂
      How can we help you?

  • Rafael Bayon

    OK I’m not sure if someone can help me here with Advanced Map, when i start the game (Pokemon Fire Red) its ok until i get to the area that i changed With A-Map, There is no music and a black screen (I changed Pallet town around adding some new buildings and NPC’s, I didn’t play the game before hacking, so every time i test it, i have to start from the beginning, but as soon i leave the house, there is no music and the black screen + i find no answers on Google.) So does anyone here know what the problem might be or suggestions? Thanks.

    • Matteo Iervasi

      It sounds like a ROM corruption. There could be a lot of reasons on why it’s happening, I can’t help that much 🙁
      Try making some little changes, for example just try to add a building and editing move permissions, and watch if it works 🙂

      • Juanito Brebawk

        Matteo lervasi I Need Help, When I Load My Rom (Pokemon Emerald)With Advance Text, It Doesent Read The Files, i Mean, They Are No Files How Do I Fix This?

        • Matteo Iervasi

          You have to manually search for text 🙂

  • i0brendan0

    Hey, I’ve used some of these tools from other sites and either they require a .dll type file that I can’t find, or they are malware. I would just like to make sure I’m downloading legitimate (as much as an editing tool for a GBA game can be) software that won’t ruin my computer and have everything needed to make the software run. Thanks.

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Ability editor? Mmmh, I’m not aware of such a tool, maybe someone made it, but I don’t know

      • i0brendan0

        There’s a couple tools that could be useful that haven’t been made or aren’t widely known. I can think of another tool I’d like to have. A type effectiveness editor. I’d like to utilize the ??? type and possibly rename and re-evaluate the types.

    • IAmPlayer Gaming

      Use YAPE i guess

  • Yash Nene

    I want gen 6 pokemons in fire red what do i do???

    • Matteo Iervasi

      This question is not related to hack tools, check PokeCommunity for these questions or google it 🙂

  • Christopher Nicholas Pizzo

    Which of these would I need to get to change/add which Pokemon appear in areas?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      For Gen 2, you can use MegaMap

      • CRock

        Is there a tool for generation 4?

        • Matteo Iervasi

          Yes, sort of… It’s called SDSME, but it’s more difficult to use, since in gen >=4 you have to use 3d models. Google for some tutorial 🙂

  • Evan Lauer

    These 2 tools give the error “Server could not find the file”:
    NLZ-GBA Advance
    Nameless Sprite Editor

    Thanks for hosting these files.

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Thanks for reporting this 🙂
      Now they are fixed 🙂

  • Anjiero Nichols (Anjiero Ketch

    Matteo Iervasi, do you have Irfan View here? or where can I download it free? You see, I’m done with the map and scripts. I’m beginning to make the sprites and maybe the tilesets, too. I’m searching for an app that creates/ modifies the pallete. That’s all, thank you!

    • Matteo Iervasi

      No, I don’t provide Irfan View here (does it still exists? I used it when I was 8 years old xD). You can use GIMP if you want, that’s more complete than Irfan View and it’s free!

      • Anjiero Nichols (Anjiero Ketch

        Oh thanks, it’s been a long time since my last visit, hahaha! Uhmm, hey, do you know how to add a new region to my ROM? Been searching through Pokecommunity but I have this poor internet connection right now, pokecommunity’s not working on my browser lately. Can you give me other clues?

        • Matteo Iervasi

          Ehm, I sincerely don’t know how to do that 🙁
          PS.: If you have a poor internet connection, try to browse PokeCommunity with Google Cache or with a very light browser like Midori

  • Daniel Jens Bauer

    I’d like to change the way Trade-needing Pokémon evolve in RBG and GSC (e. g. Graveler shouldn’t evolve with Trading but at level 40). What program do I need to use for this?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      In GBA game, you use YAPE 🙂
      In GSC I don’t know any tools which does this automatically, you must use manual editing…

  • Kyoya Harashi

    When i opened the A-Starter it says “This App Cant Run On Your PC”
    i have windows 10 now, so please make a version for windows 10

    • Matteo Iervasi

      That’s strange… I also have a Windows 10 on another PC but I can run it without problem… Maybe you could have some missing .dll…
      Check the FAQ 🙂

  • Justin andy

    i cant access some of the tools it says missing dll. for the attack one advance text the sprite overworld editor

    • Matteo Iervasi

      This is covered in the FAQ 🙂

      • Billy

        im using a adblocker and im on this site

        • Matteo Iervasi

          Please be aware that you are damaging me. If I can continuosly update the site and let you to download what you want FOR FREE is only because of advertising. I know there are some ad-blockers like you who don’t want to disable it, but remember that if one day this site will be offline, it we’ll be YOUR FAULT!

          I also use Ad-Block, because I know very well that there are a lot of websites who are abusing of advertising, and that’s bad. But when a website have the right advertising, I add it to the whitelist, because otherwise I known I damage them.

          In this site there is absolutely no bad advertising, there are only three ads, so I kindly ask you to add HackRomTools to the whitelist.
          Many thanks.

          • PrincessCelestia1230


          • Matteo Iervasi

            You are free of doing what you want, but you have been warned!

  • Tobias Spaten

    I cannot open any of this tools.
    Can someone help me please.

    • Matteo Iervasi

      What’s wrong? What OS are you using? 🙂

      • Tobias Spaten

        I`m using Windows 7
        but when I download the tool I just have Textducuments
        Thank´s for your help 😉

        • Matteo Iervasi

          Every tool is compressed in 7z format. You’ll need an utility such as 7-zip to decompress them 😉
          Check the FAQ for the password 😉

          • Tobias Spaten

            Oh thank you sooo much

  • David Harvey

    I can’t use some of the tools and some of them don’t access pokemon ruby

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Which tools?

  • Wes G C

    The Advance Trainer is a password protected archive, and as far as I can tell, I don’t have the password. Could someone help?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      I’ll write a FAQ soon.
      Anyhow the password is “HackRomTools” without quotes 😉

  • Sunrise ✴

    how is password ?

  • Anjiero Nichols (Anjiero Ketch

    Another thing, is there a way that you can make a script for a new signpost? Because A-Map just edits the existing script not the new one.

    • Anjiero Nichols (Anjiero Ketch

      Even if you double-click the new signpost, it doesn’t respond. So I’ve been thinkin’ how am I supposed to make multiple (working) signposts in one map.

      • Matteo Iervasi

        I sincerly don’t know what to do 🙁
        Try searching on PokeCommunity 🙂

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Mmmh, maybe you could find free space with FSF, then write the script with xse at the offset found before and load it with a-map…

      • Anjiero Nichols (Anjiero Ketch

        Wish that helps… 🙂 Uhm, about the MEH app, is it inserted on the rar now?

  • Anjiero Nichols (Anjiero Ketch

    Where is the MEH app?
    There’s nothing on the zip file…

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Thanks for reporting the issue! I’ll fix it as soon as possible 😉

      • Anjiero Nichols (Anjiero Ketch

        It’s okay… ^_^

        • Matteo Iervasi

          Ok just start meh-0.4-snapshot, if it doesn’t start, right click it and open it with java

          • Anjiero Nichols (Anjiero Ketch