Here is the list of the available tools for editing first generation Pokémon games.

If you have a tool you would like to see published, or if you want to send error report, or simply comment below 😉

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N.B.: When you’ll download a tool, you’ll be asked for a password (for security reasons). That’s “HackRomTools” without quotes.

Map Editing

Attack Editing

Attack Editing

Trainers Editing

Item and Market Editing

Pokémon Editing

Sprite and Icon Editing




  • Jonah Noland

    PokeMap doesn’t work. When I try to open it (as an admin, I should add), it says “Runtime error 52: Bad filename or number”

  • Griseous

    Lol could you add a tool to change the overworld and back sprite? plsss…

  • WoolooFish

    whats the password for extracting them? It says it needs one.

    • Lightningvolt

      its there in the FAQ

  • DJGalax33

    What is the password for extracting it? It says it needs one.

    • tyedd ejyyedor

      HackRomTools is the password 😉

  • i0brendan0

    PokeStarter GB is not a valid link