Given the high amount of users asking very frequently the same questions, I decided to make a FAQ.

How can I open the tools?

All the tools here are packaged in the 7z compression format. You’ll need tools like 7-zip to decompress them.

Which is the password of the archives?

The password is “HackRomTools” without quotes. I decided to protect archives to ensure security.

I can’t open the program! It says “Component [WHATEVER] is missing etc. etc.”.

Before publishing any tool, I always check if it’s working correctly and I provide the needed libraries within the archive (you sometime see some .ocx or .dll files, don’t delete them)! If you are using systems like Windows 8 or 10, or if you are having troubles, try to register these libraries with the command regsvr32 /i [NAME].ocx (in an Administrator Mode Command Prompt). Check this tutorial if you’re unsure about this.

I can’t find XX tool. Where is it?

If you can’t find a tool, it’s probably because it hasn’t been published. If you would like to see a tool published, or if you developed a new tool and you would like to see it published on HackRomTools, simply comment below or (preferably) send an email to

Hey I find/I wrote a nice tutorial about XX tool. Would you like to publish it?

Sure! Comment below and you’ll soon see your tutorial published (if it’s well made, obviously xD). Otherwise send an email to