DS Text Editor is the NDS version of Advance Text.

DS Text Editor is a simple but powerful tool. First you have to extract msg.narc with Nitro Explorer 2 (/msgdata/msg.narc if you are hacking Diamond or Pearl, /msgdata/pl_msg.narc if you are hacking on Platinum or a/0/2/7 if you are hacking on Heart Gold or Soul Silver). Remember that if you are hacking on HG or SS you have to rename the extracted NARC to hgss_msg.narc, otherwise you won’t be able to load it with DS Text Editor.

Open the extracted NARC from the File menu. A list of “Banks” will rapidly appear in the left side list.

These banks contains various messages, thus if you click on a bank the program will load several messages on the top-right list.

To edit a message simply click on the list the message you want to edit and chage it in the text box below.

As you can see, the \n character stands for new line, and in the game it will appear as you see in the program. The \r character is represented with a double new line, because in the game it will be interpretaded as a new dialog box.

Save the text with the proper button in the bottom, but remember that it won’t change the loaded NARC! It will only save temporarily in the RAM. In fact if you edit some text and you exit, the program will ask you to save the edited NARC! Remember to save the NARC from the File menu!

With DS Text Editor you can also search for text in the game. It’s very simple: just click on the proper button in the bottom and the search window will appear.

Just write the text you want to find in the text box and click search. A list will appear in the right with the corresponding bank – message. Click on them for editing.
You can also choose to restrict search results by activating the case sensitive research.

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  • Jayden Golden Hill

    it asks for a .narc file.

  • Rishi Raj Jain

    Is it Possible that you make a English version of this tool, that would make this tool much easier to use.

  • Lemons

    Does this work with gen 5?

  • VoidBlade

    How do I use this 7z file?

  • Tuukka Haapakoski

    I have a small problem with the DS Text editor. I have changed the name of a couple of moves, and while their changed name does appear in summary and in battle HUD, upon using the move, it still says “XX used [originalnameofthemove]!” I went the banks 647 and 648 in Platinum and changed the name of the moves and saved the text and everything, but upon executing the move it still states the original name before the change. Could you please help me with this? I would be very happy. Otherwise, I’m very satisfied with the program! 🙂

    • PretendoMasterX

      Do you know the password to extract the ds text editor files into my folder, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Tuukka Haapakoski

        Sure, it’s HackRomTools with the capitals, the password is stated in the FAQ 🙂

    • ZRococo

      I have the same issue but for Gen 5, did you fix the issue? If so how?

  • Augusto

    this program is very good! I’m using to translate pokemon platinum to portuguese xD
    This need very few to really fill all my needs hehehe
    the only bad think is that it crash with no warning and we lost all the progress 😡

  • TylerPosey98


    • captain_Valdez 42

      that is the password

  • Thiago Dias

    Hi my friend. Before I say anything, I have to thank you for your effort in making all this programs. They’re some amazing job! I’m planning to translate some texts to my mother language, do you know if this program (and the game) supports special characters like ã, õ, ç, á, é, í, ó, ú, à, â, ê and ô?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      I’m not sure about that, some characters are supported, some not. Be aware that it’s a bit unstable and may damage the game, so make regular backups 😉

  • Meiluo

    It have password but… Where’s the password?

    • Meiluo

      I found it xD

      • PretendoMasterX

        whats the password if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Artie Arazo

    Dopo che salvo il file narc il file lo devo rimettere su nitroexplorer?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      I’m italian but we are on an international website, so I’ll answer you en English 🙂

      Yes, after editing the text you have to re-insert it with Nitro Explorer. As for the bugs, it’s normal, there’s no way to solve them for now 🙁

      • Artie Arazo

        Ok thank you !