With DPP Starter you can edit Diamond/Pearl/Platinum starters.

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  • NOMnom

    I don’t know how to use this tool can anyone help

  • Nitish Verma

    Please can it work with poke mon black

  • Cartier Gibson

    hey, opening this with 7zip to extract it, but it needs a password?

  • John Undertale lover

    is this a virus

    • Derp McDerpson


  • Cristian Vazquez

    hi, I need a starter editor for heartgold, help please

  • Robin

    When i try to open my Pokemon Platinum ROM it say “ROM non supportata”. Probably = ROM not supported. Help please

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Oh I’m sorry! This was one of my first tool… It was compatible only with English and Italian ROMs (and it didn’t support English language, as you are seeing now)…

      • Robin

        Ty for your answer, but is it difficult to make the application compatible to other languages like German (my language)?

        • Matteo Iervasi

          In theory it shouldn’t be much difficult… but I deleted source code of these old tools two years ago and I don’t care very much. In fact, it would be useless, because editing NDS roms involves changing offsets, unlike the GBA. So this tool might even not work if you try to edit a hacked NDS rom…

          BTW if you want you can try DS PokeHack Studio, which has a built-in starter editor 🙂
          WARNING: it’s still in alpha so it could crash…
          Here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rrr59h82y4u7um0/DS_PokeHack_Studio_%28x86_64%29.zip

          • Robin

            Ok thank you