Advance Trainer is the best trainer editor tool for GBA.

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  • Jonah Noland

    How do I open the app without it deleting itself?

  • Gui Franco

    This is a virus!!


      are you a retard?

  • einfachrici

    how i can give a gym leader a badge?

  • Phil Deniega

    What’s the pass? 🙁

    • Ramona Caneru™


  • Cody Bird

    I cant get any of the apps to work pls help

  • SkyWorpPlayz

    How do I use this file it won’t let me open it it says cannot execute and how do I download xp

  • Felipe Cañon

    How can I change the pokemon’s gender of the trainers?

    • hopeseiketsu

      You need to choose the gender next to the sprite.
      ID# Name Sex

  • TheShadowZoroark

    any rom hack tools for Mac?

  • Camerons Walkthroughs

    Only woeks on XP I think

  • SleepingBread

    Cannot execute “C:UsersSLEEPI~1AppDataLocalTempRar$EXb0.695HackRomTools – AdvanceTrainerA-Trainer.exe”
    I got this when trying to extract also my antivirus says it is a Trojan Win32 Rundas!plock

  • 이기원

    What is the password for the advanced trainer

    • Alex sarn

      HackRom Tools

  • Reina Izumi(The Phantom Eater)

    why am i getting diagnostic messages when i try to extract it?

    • Rush03 #PokeCrew

      yes, why?

      • Reina Izumi(The Phantom Eater)

        Try to download it again.

  • TazPlayz Pokemon

    Cannot execute “C:UsersGinaAppDataLocalTempRar$EXb0.181HackRomTools – AdvanceTrainerA-Trainer.exe”
    Plz Help

  • Brandon Silhan

    advanced trainer doesnt work anymore, i got to work once but since last week my computer wont let me open it, i reinstalled it but my computer keeps popping up this error saying cannot execute “usersBappdatalocal
    rar$exb0.421HackRomTools – AdvanceTrainerA-Trainer.exe” also my computer keeps saying removing malware when i try to run it. Someone please help

  • Nixon

    What is the password for the advanced trainer

    • DeveloperEight


  • Grant

    What do I do if it asks for an encryption file?

  • RFrshnr

    Just to ask why when i download it, it does’t have any content?

    • tommy dao

      i have the same problem too. When I unzip it, it has nothing in it.

      • Reina Izumi(The Phantom Eater)


  • Mitchell

    The app dissapears after i try to open it and i get a message saying ” could not find file” any suggestions?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Maybe your antivirus is blocking you. Try adding an exception or temporary disable it (don’t worry it’s not a virus)

      • Jonah Noland

        But how do I do that?

  • Das Rüdi

    Wen I load a ROm it tells me: Subscript out of range – [email protected] why Is that. does anyone else have this problem?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      What the hell is that? O.o
      I never had that error before, I’m sorry I don’t know what it could be…

      • Story

        Same message, I tried to solve it with several differents roms, but no differences since.

        • Story

          Seems nobody has the answer, I don’t understand, because many people have this problem.
          All the roms i tried to use were cleans (French and american ones), just found on Internet.
          I also tried to download A-trainer by differents ways on differents websites… :/

          • Matteo Iervasi

            I never got that error when I worked on hacks 🙁

    • Anton 09

      I also have that problem, how do I solve it?

  • genesectreborn

    my computer won’t let me download this because it says it is a trojan. is this just my crappy anti-virus software, or is there a problem with the trainer editor?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Don’t worry. As I said in some other comments, I tested everything before uploading, so it’s a false-positive 🙂

  • Jerome Vargas

    It has a password 🙁

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Check the FAQ