Advance Starter is a quick tool for changing starters.

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  • Nathan

    If you have your own starters and you want to add them in instead can you get sprites into the game too

  • Aragonir

    what password

  • James Stack

    So.. How can i make the starters shiny?

  • Sham Sham

    It’s nice and all but i gotta admit it’s pretty retarded that you can’t select “Mew” cause it always autocompletes it to “Mewtwo” :v

  • Dev_StarMiner614

    Please Help me i dont know the pass its not HackRomTools

  • R Animates

    i cant find the .exe file help ‘^’

  • Grady Shupe

    is there one for mac?

  • gavin Clemente

    thx so much i am making a rom hack called Pokemon Kanto XL

  • puppycornashlynn

    When I Try To Download It Windows Media Center Opens.

  • Afrielia AJ (Pokemon)

    i rate it 999 because i don’t know whats the password

    • Eden Kerr

      The Password Is HackRomTools

  • Afrielia AJ (Pokemon)

    I rate this web 999 out of 10 thousand

  • Joshua Gabriel Hill

    which rom should i download?

    • Hestia

      Fire red, Ruby, or maybe Emerald

      oh and hello Kitty Island 2

  • Joshua Gabriel Hill

    cool tool.

  • Boom244

    Poor Pokemon Emerald. It always gets HAXORED by ROM tools…

  • skye

    what is the password?

    • Royal Conquest

      HackRomTools Its in the FAQ and this is ten days old so maybe you found your solution already but thats the password

  • Sword OfWar

    I think I’m being stupid but does it have English? The picture isn’t in English.

    • Alex sarn

      Yup it has

    • Hestia

      Seems easy enough

  • javier_ramos