Advance Series is a 3 tool package.

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  • Sonic The Hedgehog

    This is a load of poop and that is poop and nothing but the poop
    this rocks

  • KittyCatGuyPerson

    How do I load my rom?

  • Well then

    I keep getting the message: The ROM is not compatible with any of the .inis in the folder. I have tried all five of the different roms and it still doesn’t work. Help?

    • Ciaran Head

      it’s simple try getting different versions of each pokemon games and open it

      • Sonic The Hedgehog

        Wrong. U need to make an ini inside of an ini folder that is in the same folder that the folder of the hack is in.
        If you don;t get that, I will break it down by giving an example.
        Say I have the hack folder and ini folder in downloads. they both need in the same folder. put the ini file in the ini folder and then run advance series and open the rom u wanna hack. then boom.

        • Ciaran Head

          oohhh u see i did my way instead