Advance Map is the most used map editing tool for GBA games.

Ok guys, I don’t want to create another tutorial on Advance Map, you can easily find one by searching the net.

I personally like link12552’s one, because it’s very complete 🙂 , the link is below:

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  • Ralph Martin Quema

    I’m gonna do is make my own rom in Pokemon it’s called Pokemon reality with emotion I’m using emerald

  • Anthony Ashley

    Is this even compatible on a Mac?

  • Anthony Ashley

    how do I get it out of document format?

  • GrahamCrackers

    Doesnt let me download help

  • Mateus Silva Lima

    This program works with other gba games?

  • Shinx’s Things (Erich)

    When i try to extract the files it asks for password

  • GoFast3D

    What is the latest activation code?!?!?!

    • Aimee Lindberg


  • Quaster

    what software do i use to open it

  • Sven

    is there any reason for the tutorial you linked to have inverse coloring?? it hurts my eyes

    • David

      I agree… I don’t know why it’s inversed colour, and it hurts my eyes as well. Does anyone know how to fix this? If this tutorial really is the “bread and butter” to rom hacking, then there needs to be a way to fix this so we can actually start!

  • Blu Mimikyu

    it says cant write to ini when I try to load roms

    • are you using a pokemon fire red, leaf green or emerald rom? it only works with these 3 if im not mistaken.

  • Cody Bird

    what do i open the apps with

  • Fluffypants1337


    • Ray James Gonzales



      because fuck you, that’s why.

  • Reinier Hijmans

    Maybe someone can help me out.. I corrupted my file but still i can open it Advance map. is there a way to export maps and import them back into a new (non-corrupt) rom? i succeeded in exporting not with the importing tho..

    • TheTurkGamer

      corrupting is perament so you can do nothing


        thats not what they meant, retard.

    • Mahmoud ahmad

      they meant
      “hey, my rom got corrupted after I exported the levels, so is there a way that I can get the levels I created and paste it on to a NEWER rom?”

  • jakob midtbø

    forget it, winrar worked better

  • jakob midtbø

    my 7 zip keep downloading other 7 zip i open it, how to get the tool 2 open?

  • Akhil Vb

    advance map error value is not pointer how do you fix this

  • Haziq Badrul


    • R Animates

      no get a pc

  • Jose Molina (Steelo)

    when i try to run the .exe file i’m being told “The parameter is incorrect” what do i do to fix it??

  • Kushagra Kishan

    If not how to access team magma hideout through jagged path

  • Kushagra Kishan

    Will it work on Android



  • Wiijunkey 2

    where is the mac download?

  • Nuhash The Precious

    hey what-s the password

    • Quinn Yvane Caufield


      • DreamieChan


  • gam ame

    I have windos 10 and it works

  • C_J


  • Bronze Nido

    When i try to start it its says my computer cant use the program. Windows 8.1

    • Nips Pierre

      It works for me on Windows 8.

  • Anonymus dude

    After downlodaing the xse what do i do?

  • pokemonavy

    For some reason I cant use 7zip to open .7z files on windows 10. Any idea why?

  • the random gamer

    when I use 7zip it will always ask for a password what do I do?

    • Enter Password “HackRomTools” without the quotes

      • DeveloperEight

        Thanks Man.

  • warlock

    I get a vz file that cannot be extracted, what to do?

  • pokedude2

    Will I have to upload gen VI types, moves, and pokes?


      yes, considering this is gen 3, not 6. use your brain.

  • Ace Trainer Dom

    How large is the download file?


      download it and see for yourself.

  • PWNDotcom

    Hey it is telling me that it can’t find a script editor when I try to edit the script. Where should I get one?

  • SeanMan

    Whenever I open the application, there is no languages and will not allow me to continue. Any ideas on how to fix this?


      you need to open a ROM.

  • Random Derp

    How do i move something like how do i grab a pokemon center in a town then put it somewhere else in the town? Also how do i make a house actually have people/ a room in it? I’ve tried it when i made a house but i can’t get it to work.

  • Yahnooo

    My antivirus keeps deleting the .exe-file.. 🙁 This sucks…

    • Matteo Iervasi

      It’s a false-positive, I tested everything before upload 🙂

      • Random Derp

        Please help! In my extracted folder it only contains 4 things which are Inu, HackRomTools – Advance map 1.92, Maps and Sprachen. But there’s not just flat out “Advance map” itself a.k.a the file that opens AM.

  • Pstrainer7710 (GeoSword)

    i keep getting the message ‘the file or directory is corrupt and unreadable.’ how do i get to work?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Please make sure you have the latest version of 7zip (google it) and then re-download the program and unzip it with 7zip (check the FAQ)

  • Lorenzo Matson

    I try to open but it says what I want to open it with. What do I do?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      You have to download an unzip utility, like 7zip. Check the FAQ!

  • genesectreborn

    it says “access denied” whenever i try to load the rom. does anyone know why this happens?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      That’s weird! Which ROM are you trying to load?

      • genesectreborn

        this only happens when i try to load emerald, but it doesn’t appear when loading fire red

        • Matteo Iervasi

          I can open any Emerald ROM without any problems, make sure it’s not corrupted 🙂

          • genesectreborn

            I tried downloading another emerald file, and it is working. there was probably something wrong with the last one. thanks

          • Random Derp

            Hey, can you help me? When it tries to open it refuses. Do i need a rom so i can start it up?

  • XeroHD

    It says that i have to have a password to open the app.

    • Artur Freiberger

      it is: HackRomTools

  • Funnyshii


    • Matteo Iervasi

      What’s wrong?!

      • Valkyy

        Help! when I tried to open the file, I used WinRAR, and I get an error saying that the archive is either in an unknown format or damaged!

      • Valkyy

        oh nvm i got it working with 7zip 😀

    • Random Derp

      Mine isn’t working, can you help?

  • Evan Lauer

    I’ve figured out how to use this program except for this window:
    Any idea what I am supposed to do here? The tutorial above didn’t show anything about this.

    • Matteo Iervasi

      I’m not an expert of GBA hacking, I sincerly don’t know how to use that -.-‘
      As for the Wild Pokemon, which map are you trying to edit? It’s a weird thing you can’t add wild pokemons…

      • Evan Lauer

        I figured everything out, but now I’m having a problem with adding people. No matter what I set their movement to, they are always looking up. I cannot get them to look down.

        • Matteo Iervasi

          Try editing them by scripts with XSE

  • Francesco Panessa

    password rar?

    • Evan Lauer