PokeMap is the map editor for the first generation games.

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  • jjkb11

    Does this work with Pokémon Yellow?

  • Cedric Lamar Izquierdo

    I seem to be running into a problem…. I downloaded Pokémon Red Version, Opened the folder – then I ran as a admin… next thing, I open a ROM with the PokeMap…. next thing… ‘Can not find path’

  • RubyTyphlosion

    What do I open it with?
    I’m new at this.

    • Cedric Lamar Izquierdo

      7zip, WinRAR or whatever you decide on similar to these softwares.


  • Keanh Ton

    it says COMDLG32.OCX is missing but it is right there in the folder. what do i do?

    • DeadylVanitas

      Try to run as a admin

    • Ratul Hasan

      Plz Run as adminstration

  • colleen prinssen

    what differs this and pika map?

  • Daniel Jens Bauer

    Uhm, stupid question, but how do I open this file? I clicked on “Download now” right below the screen of Pallet Town, and now I’ve got a file with the name “HackRomTools – PokeMap.7z” and I dno’t know what I’m supposed to do now.

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Check the FAQ 🙂

      • Daniel

        Where is the faq?

        • Private Pengu

          In the top right corner, next to “Hack Tools NDS” (The right side).

  • SeanJohn369

    These are asking for a password to unzip what is it.

    • Matteo Iervasi

      I’ll write a reminder (I’m sorry I’m studying hard at university..)
      Anyway the password is “HackRomTools” without quotes 😉