You’ll surely have read somewhere about Nitro Explorer 2! Well, this is an extended version which is able to edit ARM9 and the various overlays. It can also run on Linux.

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  • Windows, Linux
  • JackHack96
  • D P Pt HG SS B W
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  • Jordan Dziedzic

    The download doesnt come with the application? Or at least I think it doesnt. I have no idea how to use it or open it, so a little help would be nice

  • Christopher Condori Guevara

    Thanks for the input. I have a small problem and is that when I try to re-insert normal files (example: a/0/1/1) can not because it does not recognize its own files, but only this, those that have another extension yes recognize. If they helped me it would be super. Pd: I’m working with HG / SS

    • Michael Le

      I also have this problem when im trying to edit heartgold

  • Kapapanerp

    I’m having trouble getting the program to reinsert the files I need it to. I’m using the program in conjunction with dpp attack editor to edit attacks in hg/ss but it does’nt seem to be able to reinsert files a/0/1/1 and a/02/7. I can reinsert NARC files just fine, but nothing that I need to be able to make attack changes.

  • Roland Andrighetto

    i cant find any way to make the app run can someone help

    • Jawaad Yousuf

      open with Java (TM) platform SE

  • Kos Petoussis

    7z password=HackRomTools

  • Cedric Lamar Izquierdo