Advance Text is the most used text editor for GBA pokémon games.

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  • Rajkai Rajkaiii

    If I try to open Advance Text it says Comdlg32.ocx is missing or is invalid!? What Should I Do????

  • Leon Jenkins

    Does not work with Firered. is there any alternatives

  • Hayden Bleakley

    it says file is coruppt

  • Guymino

    what is the password?

    • Tocram

      “HackRomTools” without the quotes 😉

  • Empyr

    only shows half the text, its completely out of order and also missing text. plz help!

  • Anonymous

    Why do 9 antiviruses call this a trojan?

    My guess is because it’s a trojan.

  • Kleilson

    changing battle phrases in Fire Red?

  • Pony Jesus

    how do i use this on the jp pokemon fire red?

  • Ryan Mickey

    The .exe disappears when I extract it…

    • Boom244

      your antivirus was probably paranoid and deleted it.

  • NerdyMaddie

    Yeah…so where’s the actual program? There’s just two folders, 2 read me files, and a bunch of other files but no .exe or other files in there once i unzipped it.

  • SirVillager

    When I open my Pokemon Emerald nothing shows up. Any help?

  • Paul Vickrey

    My .exe vanished as soon as I finished extracting the files

  • Kalos Jhoto

    Search it in the Faq .

  • Sahar Zehavi

    i want to translate FR or LG to hebrew and it doesn’t seem to be supported here. any ideas?

  • Mason

    Please help the .exe file doesn’t show up when I unzip it

  • CyborgPenguin

    All the text is a string of “[&H3F]”. Is that just the rom?

    • CyborgPenguin

      Nope, same thing with 3 different leaf green roms.

      • CyborgPenguin

        and a fire red rom

  • Cle

    Mine will not extract all the way anyone know what’s up?

  • Keanh Ton

    how can I run this on windows 10?

    • Joseph Seymour

      If anyone has trouble lunching this program, Change the Compatibility to windows XP in windows 10

      • Luke Kendrat

        how do you do that?

  • SkylerBlu9

    Help? Text won’t load.

  • Lorcan13

    HELP! The full text isn’t loading with FireRed, only part of it.

    Just figured it out now, it was the ROM.

  • how to unpack the .7z file?
    it asks for a password but i cant find the password

    • Carl Leach


      • Spiral

        HackRomTools is the pass

    • Kalos Jhoto

      HackRomTools is the password of this site files.

  • Joshua Whyel

    I am missing settings.ini file. Can someone help me with that??

  • luxraygamer9949 Giovanni

    where is the FAQ?

  • hunter

    the exe wont open because it says comdlg32 is not working

    anyone know the fix

    • Thomas

      Right click on advance text and click on “Run As Administrator”. You have to do that every time. 🙂

  • Gallade Guy

    The EXE file doesn’t show up (or, well, it shows up for a few seconds then dissipears, and clicking it while it’s there for that short window of time does nothing), and when run straight from the ZIP it loads an error, that quickly disappears before I can read it. Also I’ve installed both the needed files (the third was pre-installed) and have redownloaded, and even copied my brother’s version of the files, who’s exe does show up and works, but it still won’t show up, please help.

  • Alex Hoang

    it says the archive is damaged when i try to change it into a .zip file

  • Zack Benedict

    This loads everything but FR and LG for me, but it says it’s compatible in the description. Any ideas?

  • Hanif Muhammad

    what the password?

    • Zack Benedict


  • Ollie Pickup

    “Component ‘Comdlg32.ocx’ or oneof its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid” message when I try and load the program. Any advice?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      See the FAQ

      • Ollie Pickup

        Tried what it suggests and still no luck. are the OCX files compatible with 64-bit Windows 10?

        • Matteo Iervasi

          I also have a 64 bit Windows 10 virtual machine, and I had no problems. Did you start the cmd with administrator privileges?

  • DerpGC Yt

    Hi! I have a Question: When I open the pogramm I must to write a Password… What is it?!