Advance Map is the most used map editing tool for GBA games.

Ok guys, I don’t want to create another tutorial on Advance Map, you can easily find one by searching the net.

I personally like link12552’s one, because it’s very complete 🙂 , the link is below:

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  • Blu Mimikyu

    it says cant write to ini when I try to load roms

  • Cody Bird

    what do i open the apps with

  • Fluffypants1337


  • Reinier Hijmans

    Maybe someone can help me out.. I corrupted my file but still i can open it Advance map. is there a way to export maps and import them back into a new (non-corrupt) rom? i succeeded in exporting not with the importing tho..

    • TheTurkGamer

      corrupting is perament so you can do nothing

  • jakob midtbø

    forget it, winrar worked better

  • jakob midtbø

    my 7 zip keep downloading other 7 zip i open it, how to get the tool 2 open?

  • Akhil Vb

    advance map error value is not pointer how do you fix this

  • Haziq Badrul


    • R Animates

      no get a pc

  • Jose Molina (Steelo)

    when i try to run the .exe file i’m being told “The parameter is incorrect” what do i do to fix it??

  • Kushagra Kishan

    If not how to access team magma hideout through jagged path

  • Kushagra Kishan

    Will it work on Android

  • Wiijunkey 2

    where is the mac download?

  • Nuhash The Precious

    hey what-s the password

    • Quinn Yvane Caufield


      • DreamieChan


  • gam ame

    I have windos 10 and it works

  • C_J


  • Bronze Nido

    When i try to start it its says my computer cant use the program. Windows 8.1

    • Nips Pierre

      It works for me on Windows 8.

  • Anonymus dude

    After downlodaing the xse what do i do?

  • pokemonavy

    For some reason I cant use 7zip to open .7z files on windows 10. Any idea why?

  • the random gamer

    when I use 7zip it will always ask for a password what do I do?

    • Enter Password “HackRomTools” without the quotes

      • DeveloperEight

        Thanks Man.

  • warlock

    I get a vz file that cannot be extracted, what to do?

  • pokedude2

    Will I have to upload gen VI types, moves, and pokes?

  • Ace Trainer Dom

    How large is the download file?

  • PWNDotcom

    Hey it is telling me that it can’t find a script editor when I try to edit the script. Where should I get one?

  • SeanMan

    Whenever I open the application, there is no languages and will not allow me to continue. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • Random Derp

    How do i move something like how do i grab a pokemon center in a town then put it somewhere else in the town? Also how do i make a house actually have people/ a room in it? I’ve tried it when i made a house but i can’t get it to work.

  • Yahnooo

    My antivirus keeps deleting the .exe-file.. 🙁 This sucks…

    • Matteo Iervasi

      It’s a false-positive, I tested everything before upload 🙂

      • Random Derp

        Please help! In my extracted folder it only contains 4 things which are Inu, HackRomTools – Advance map 1.92, Maps and Sprachen. But there’s not just flat out “Advance map” itself a.k.a the file that opens AM.

  • Pstrainer7710 (GeoSword)

    i keep getting the message ‘the file or directory is corrupt and unreadable.’ how do i get to work?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      Please make sure you have the latest version of 7zip (google it) and then re-download the program and unzip it with 7zip (check the FAQ)

  • Lorenzo Matson

    I try to open but it says what I want to open it with. What do I do?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      You have to download an unzip utility, like 7zip. Check the FAQ!

  • genesectreborn

    it says “access denied” whenever i try to load the rom. does anyone know why this happens?

    • Matteo Iervasi

      That’s weird! Which ROM are you trying to load?

      • genesectreborn

        this only happens when i try to load emerald, but it doesn’t appear when loading fire red

        • Matteo Iervasi

          I can open any Emerald ROM without any problems, make sure it’s not corrupted 🙂

          • genesectreborn

            I tried downloading another emerald file, and it is working. there was probably something wrong with the last one. thanks

          • Random Derp

            Hey, can you help me? When it tries to open it refuses. Do i need a rom so i can start it up?

  • XeroHD

    It says that i have to have a password to open the app.

    • Artur Freiberger

      it is: HackRomTools

  • Funnyshii


    • Matteo Iervasi

      What’s wrong?!

      • Valkyy

        Help! when I tried to open the file, I used WinRAR, and I get an error saying that the archive is either in an unknown format or damaged!

      • Valkyy

        oh nvm i got it working with 7zip 😀

    • Random Derp

      Mine isn’t working, can you help?

  • Evan Lauer

    I’ve figured out how to use this program except for this window:
    Any idea what I am supposed to do here? The tutorial above didn’t show anything about this.

    • Matteo Iervasi

      I’m not an expert of GBA hacking, I sincerly don’t know how to use that -.-‘
      As for the Wild Pokemon, which map are you trying to edit? It’s a weird thing you can’t add wild pokemons…

      • Evan Lauer

        I figured everything out, but now I’m having a problem with adding people. No matter what I set their movement to, they are always looking up. I cannot get them to look down.

        • Matteo Iervasi

          Try editing them by scripts with XSE

  • Francesco Panessa

    password rar?

    • Evan Lauer